Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Piggy Bank

Amy mentioned on Facebook one day that Cashew was up for grabs. String Bean put down a bid, her entire life savings of 5 cents.

Since then, she attended the 4th of July parade and thanks to the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, her savings increased 60% to 8 cents as reported here.

Thanks to tonight's visit to the laundry room, she now has another cent to add to that collection. That is a 12.5% increase in just a few days. Take that, Bernie Madoff!

All this collection of coins leads me to the dilemma of what to do with them. Right now, they are taking up residence next to String Bean's shoe collection. I'd like to keep them a bit safer from grubby hands that might decide they'd make a good choking hazard. I could put them in a jar, but that's not very cute.

All this brings me to today's question. What sort of "savings account" should we start for String Bean? I am soliciting all ideas including the traditional piggy bank to an envelope shoved under her mattress.

What kind of bank should we get for String Bean?

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Filbert said...

Your bank probably has a "piggy bank" that they'll give her for free. Peanut plays with his penguin bank from (redacted because they suck) bank quite often as a toy, because it's empty. Poor, poor Peanut.