Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Words

At 19 1/2 months, String Bean is starting to talk! We typically get the first sound of a word when we ask her to say something. Instead of "cheese" we get "ch". When we hear "K" we know she wants crackers. The following words are generally said in their entirety: Mom, Dad, more, Pop (grandpa's name) and ball.

Today while flipping through the channels, I paused on the news which happened to be showing baseball highlights. String Bean dropped what she was doing and yelled (complete with fist in air): Go Cubs!

Mr. Bean would have appreciated this more if the first phrase she said unprompted was: Go Bears. Sorry, dear, if only String Bean were born a few months earlier or later.


Caryn said...

That is adorable. Of course, she never hears that phrase at your house!

Anonymous said...

Just hold on -- football season is coming!

Amy said...

I think Walnut's first phrase was "Go White Sox!"