Sunday, November 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We made our annual trek to the local Christmas tree farm today. String Bean is now 3 (yes, she had an epic birthday celebration since my last post) and fully enjoyed the experience. While hunting for a tree, we stopped and pondered the merits of many before we found String Bean standing in front of one and pointing. We ended up taking that one home.

Upon arriving at home, Mr. Bean put the lights on the tree while we watched the Chicago Bears beat the Philadelphia Eagles, much to my father's dismay. String Bean eagerly awaited her chance to put the ornaments on. Jelly Bean just tried to chew and grab whatever she could reach. (She is crawling and pulling up now. We've hit a lot of milestones since my last post.)

When the time to decorate finally came, String Bean concentrated on a very small portion of the tree and hung the majority of her ornaments there. She also put on her mittens to do it because the tree was too pokey.

That was our afternoon and evening. It is 10:30 and Mr. Bean and I just finished donning the rest of the house in holiday fare. Now to relax and enjoy the season!

Merry Christmas!