Saturday, July 11, 2009

Culinary Tips

I am less than a master in the kitchen. I have few skills. Just ask Mr. Bean or my brother-in-law about "The Great Pancake Incident." Or, ask Mr. Bean how he "enjoyed" my meatloaf this week.

I just cut up a plethora of fruit and vegetables (with Mr. Bean's help) for a welcome home party for my friend Aimee. Here's where I need your tips. The damage is already done, but for future reference, how do you cut cauliflower without mangling it into little bits? I'd be happy to hear your tips on that one.

I put Mr. Bean in charge of the strawberries and oranges. They turned out fine. I've done broccoli and peppers a million times. We bought baby carrots so they required no preparation. (That's my kind of cooking!)

I must say I did a fantastic job on the celery. I think my mom must have made celery a lot as a kid because I had flashbacks to watching her cut celery the whole time I was doing it. I felt completely at ease as I sliced my way through that vegetable.

Share you cauliflower tips. And while you're at it, I'll take your meatloaf and pancake tips, too.


Caryn said...

I make a small vertical cut at the bottom stalk, cutting upward, and then break it off, and it usually breaks around the shape of the cauliflower "floweret."

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Yep, what Caryn said.

Here's my meatloaf recipe: http://onpansandkneadles.blogspot.com/2009/01/heathers-meatloaf.html Don't over mix the ingredients, that will make it tough.

Good luck!