Sunday, July 12, 2009


The Beans (Mr. Bean, String Bean, and I) spent Saturday afternoon with our friends, Whitney and Shawn, the Newlyweds. We walked from their apartment to the North Avenue Beach and the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. On our way back, we saw an empty park bench with a purse underneath it.

As we approached we quickly realized that this had been a grab and ditch job. There were receipts strewn all about and a makeup bag with makeup spilling out beside the bag. The wallet was in plain view at the top of the bag.

Being the astute CSI-in-training* that I am, I did not touch anything. I considered drawing a chalk like around the bag and putting up my crime scene tape. Instead, I just called the cops because, after all, if my purse were stolen and someone found it, I'd want it turned in to the authorities (and dusted for prints, and surveillance checked, etc.). I suppose we "do-gooders" did our good deed for the day.

Whitney, Mr. Bean, String Bean, and I waited until Officer Doyle, one of Chicago's finest (who really shouldn't be wearing teeny-weeny shorts like that with those white, white legs) showed up. After he looked through the bag and confirmed there was no money or credit cards in the wallet, we got a public service announcement courtesy of the Chicago Police Department about being safe when visiting the beaches surrounding Lake Michigan. "Carry very little cash, one credit card and your ID. Leave your social security cards at home and don't carry a big bag like this one. This girl had too much stuff with her which made her a target."

Thanks, Officer Doyle.

Ironically, I got a message from Whitney today that her wallet had been stolen earlier in the day and as we sat talking to the officer, someone was out there racking up charges on her credit cards. Oy vey. Be sure to check Whitney's blog for the full details on that one. (And praise the Lord for fraud protection!)

*Clearly, my CSI training comes from watching numerous episodes of the series. It is just a matter of time before someone from the crime lab calls asking for my assistance on a case.


Filbert said...

Doyle should have told you to start carrying a gun.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Thankfully, Myrtle Beach's finest can get a tan so their legs are a bit better looking in shorts.

Good for you, Do-Gooders! Your act of kindness restored another human's faith in humanity.