Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twittering with Just We Moms

For a couple of weeks now, I have been experimenting with Twitter. If you've never Twittered before, Michael Hyatt wrote a great how-to article on the subject. Warning: Twittering can be very addictive. Just ask Mr. Bean.

If you are a Twitterer, we welcome to to follow us. Our Twitter ID is JustWeMoms and it is usually me, Mandie, posting from that account.

I have a post I am working on that my Twitter friends are helping me put together on travelling with small children. Isn't social media fun?


Mr. Bean said...

Twittering is very addictive.

Christy said...

LOL! I haven't plunged into the twitter world. I'm not sure I want to do so.