Monday, December 15, 2008

Motherhood Milestones

Do I still count as a "new mom"? My String Bean is 13 months old. All new moms have to brag about their babies, so I'm going to assume for a minute that I'm still a new mom. Bear with me.

String Bean took her first steps last night! Mr. Bean had students from his college class over for dinner. We were sitting in the living room when String Bean saw across the room her new shoes--red velvet mary janes with faux diamonds. (Wouldn't you be excited if you saw those across the room in YOUR size?) She crawled over to the end table where they were, pulled herself up to a standing position and turned herself around to face me. In her excitement about finding her new shoes, rather than sit down, crawl 2 feet, then stand up, she just took 2 steps toward me instead. Of course the whole time I'm yelling at Mr. Bean to watch which in turn makes everyone in the room watch what is going on.

Just in case you don't think I'm telling the truth here, I have several witnesses. 9 people total witnessed this momentous event (including Mr. Bean and myself).

On another note, my friend Leslie had her first baby right after Thanksgiving. When I had String Bean, I called my co-blogger, Amy, all the time asking questions about newborns and breastfeeding. Now I'm able to pass along my vast knowledge on the subjects to Leslie. She's now experiencing all those "firsts" with her son that I enjoyed with my daughter. *wipes tear from eye*

So, the circle of life goes on.


Christy said...

How exciting to see her first steps. I still remember my DD's first steps, and I actually captured it on camera! How cool is that?

Jennifer Jones said...

I can't imagine how awesome it was to see your DD take her first few steps. Little miracles in your life are one tiny step after another.

They grow up so fast and before we know it, one after another, those things we consider 'firsts' are all but gone.

- Jennifer

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I definitely think you still qualify as a 'new mom.' For all of String Bean's milestones, you are always allowed to brag!

Yay for String Bean!

Anonymous said...

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