Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Purchased Birthday Presents, Yet?

So, Jesus' birthday is rapidly approaching. I know it is a busy time of year for all of us. I know you've probably got shopping to do, baking to do, and travel plans. But, have you remembered to get His birthday present? If not, I have some last minute gift ideas for you:

Toys for Tots. Help the Marines gather toys for the less fortunate. (There is also Toys for Teens sponsored by Best Buy).

Salvation Army. Probably the easiest place to donate this Christmas season since the bell ringers are at nearly every store this time of year! Rumor has it that some bell ringers have credit card machines at their buckets this year so having cash on hand isn't necessarily necessary.

A Friend in Need. Consider a donation to your church to help a fellow church member who is having problems making ends meet this Christmas.

Your favorite missionary. Many missionaries are low on support this year because the value of the dollar has dropped. Consider making a special gift to your favorite missionary to help them make ends meet. If you don't know a missionary personally, consider Ben and Sarah Badgero working with Native American youth in Canada with NAIM.

As you celebrate Christmas with your family this year, don't forget to wish Jesus a happy birthday. After all, we've all gotten presents for one another-Don't want to forget the person of honor!

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Annie said...

Great post. We always do this - we choose something different every year. We also have a birthday cake on Christmas Day for Jesus.