Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tips for Road Trips

I'm so clever. My title rhymes.

I asked some of our Twitter moms (and dads) this question, "What tips do you have for traveling on long road trips with young kids?" Here were some of their responses. I hope they help you as you drive "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house" this season! We leave on Saturday for a 12 hour drive...should be fun!

frecklesthemom: I say pack your patience, stop as often as you need and take lots of stuff to help pass the time. We also bring a lot of music. And what would a long road trip be without fun games, like Ispy, Punch Buggie...? I pepper the music with some family friendly classics that Mom and Dad like, that way I don't go crazy along the way!

jenleereeves: Many, many DVDs and really good snack cups. My favorite, Snack Trap.

TwinToddlersDad: Make sure they are fed, and start right before their nap time so they can fall asleep in the car. Always works with our twins.

GRIPCOMMPR: Here are some travel tips for special needs families.

musingsfromme: DVDs, kids song tapes, mom sits in back with kids for part of ride to read to them/pass them items, lap desks for car seat.

nicroames: frequent stops, travel at night (they sleep)

MaiaKG: "road trip bingo" for route ...maybe 4 younger, use 'treasure hunt' i spy? how many x animal? how many sleeping?

SarahSingforhim: I love this "I Spy" Bag. They have to look for hidden items. Keeps them busy, and older ones like it, too. My dad used to give us beef jerky on long trips. We had to chew it so much, we would talk less! Ha! Sneaky.

craftymamaof4: I buy lunch boxes when the back-to-school stuff goes on sale, and fill with games, puzzles, treats, books and really special toys.

careywillems: magnets in a cookie sheet to hold paper. Sheet will keep crayons from rolling everywhere. White contact paper & dry erase markers.

copperbrickroad: we have the dvd player. Lil Einsteins works wonders. That and snacks.

peace_: Find out ahead of time where playgrounds you can stop at are and allow extra time so you can stop for play breaks.

brendacarus: Leave at bedtime & drive through the night. Need 2+ adults and a nap before or after, but we always do long drives(>10 hrs) like this!


MaMaElizabeth said...

I have to add! Bring zip locks! I swear by them for making
Individual bowls to hold gold fish, others to throw dirty diapers in, and others to hold matchbox cars, DVDs, and cryayons! My middle name should be ziplock!


Peace said...

Some great tips in there Mandie! Thank you for including mine :)
Another fave of ours is to ask what the kids top 3 things they’re looking forward to doing or seeing are, (for on the way) and then talking about what our top 3 favourite things were, on the way back. Have a great trip!!