Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Proverbial Vision

It's New Year's Eve and it's a time to reflect on what has past and look ahead to what is to come. Mandie already posted a great resolution for everyone, which I do hope to be able to incorporate into my daily life, but I've got something else in mind, too. I have a vision. I had a vision once before and that's how my cat got his name, but this is a different kind of vision. In our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School for grown-ups), we have been going through the book of Proverbs. A few Sundays ago, our teacher had us write down a vision statement along with a plan to accomplish it. Some people shared what they had written and they sounded like put-together people, so I felt like I was kind of remedial in my vision, but nevertheless, I do have a vision and a plan.

My vision is to have a clean house with room for the children to play and organized enough so that it can be easily maintained. (See what I mean about remedial, it's certainly no cure for cancer.) I came up with 4 steps to achieve this vision.
1. Clean and organize room by room.
2. Teach the kids to pick up after themselves.
3. Learn to pick up after myself.
4. Develop self-discipline.

I should probably switch numbers 2 and 3 around or maybe we can learn together. It'll be fun! I got a book to help me, too. It's called The Messies Manual by Sandra Felton. Wish me grace on my journey, please!


Allyson Kellner said...

I feel like I'm reading a page our of my journal, except I'm not disciplined enough to journal. . .

Mandie said...

LOL at Allyson's comment. *shaking head*

Sounds like a great resolution. I know you can do it!