Wednesday, October 22, 2008

True Confessions, Part 1

They say confession is good for the soul, so here goes.

I never really wanted to be an opera singer. There I said it. It's in writing and I can't take it back. I don't really like singing in foreign languages, I like to really understand what I'm singing and have my audience really understand what I'm singing, and not just try to figure it out by my over-exaggerated facial expressions which I was never any good at making anyway. I don't hate singing opera, I have actually really enjoyed it at times, but it was never *really* who I was.

I have a tendency to blown by whatever strong wind that happens by, and well, end up places I don't really want to be. Part of my blog journey will be trying to stand up the gusts and discovering the real Amy.

Rosemary ClooneyBy the way what I really do want to do is... You know that scene in White Christmas, where Rosemary Clooney has left the inn and took a job at the Carousel Club and she comes out in that fabulous black dress and sings "Love You Didn't Do Right By Me" in front of the live orchestra? That's the kinda singer I always wanted to be.

Edited to add: Thanks to the magnificent Filbert, my nutty husband, for finding the image!


Matt said...

Sweetie, good job. "In some ways, your much better than my cocker spaniel."

Amy said...

I dont' get it and it should be you're not your.

Mandie said...

Gasp. And he's a doctor and didn't get that right!

We'll get on that screen shot...

Allyson Kellner said...

Funny quote from that movie. White Christmas, I might add, is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie! :-)