Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hijaking My Sister-in-Law's Friends

Facebook, which has revolutionized how I relate to people, made me "friends" with my sister-in-law's friend. We look at each others photos and ooh and ahh over our kids. Of course, I just have String Bean, but my sister-in-law's friend has two cute kids. A boy and a girl. Her daughter is 6 months old. String Bean is 11 months old, but just a runt. We both secretly have been eager to get them together to see how much bigger my sister-in-law friend's baby is than my own bundle of joy. Here is where my evil plan began: I decided to hijack my sister-in-law's best friend.
After all, once she becomes friends with me, she'll forget all about my crazy sister-in-law!

We arranged to meet at Ikea today for some 50 cent hot dogs and bargain shopping. I woke up this morning to find String Bean's nose running and all kinds of snotty goo glued to her upper lip. Disgusting. I decided I needed to talk to my target for hijacking and let her decide whether my evil plan would go forward. She didn't answer her cell. I left a message:

Me: Sister-in-law's friend who I am secretly hijacking, String Bean woke up this morning with a runny nose. I don't think she's sick, I'm pretty certain it is just because she is teething. Do you still want to go to Ikea today? I didn't want to make the decision for you by showing up with my potentially sick kid. Let me know!

After a couple hours, Sister-in-law's friend who I am secretly hijacking called back. Long story short, her kids just got over a cold and she didn't want to take the risk. We'll have to reschedule.

I hope I get a second chance to hijack her.

Note: String Bean might just be sick. She's coughing now and has watery eyes in addition to the snotty nose.


caryn said...

Oh no, not another cold. Poor String Bean!

Christy said...

Bummer! These nasty germies need to leave Stringbean alone. BTW, why the nickname Stringbean?

Christy said...

oops. sorry. String Bean.

Mandie said...

Everyone needed a nickname since we didn't want our kids' names all over the internet. So...Amy's kids are nuts...mine are beans. My String Bean is a skinny runt, so since the word "string bean" brings along with it the image of a skinny little thing, we thought that would be a good nickname for her. (I almost typed her name here so many times writing out that explanation!)

caryn said...

Some times you feel like a nut...sometimes you don't!

Amy said...

And Peanut has always been Peanut.

Christy said...

My daughter's nick name is Haley Bug and sometimes E (her brother couldn't pronounce her full name when he was little, so he always called her "E"), and my son's nick name is Little Dude. Just thought I'd share.

Mandie said...

Those are cute nicknames, Christy! The best nicknames are the ones that come naturally, not those forced upon us!