Friday, November 6, 2009

Two Years Ago Today

This day two years ago both my parents and my in-laws were waiting as my due date for String Bean came and went. I remember going to the OB that day and being told that I was not in the least dilated, the baby had not dropped, and they didn't suspect I'd be going into labor any time soon.

6 days later, I was induced since there was still no sign of an impending arrival and String Bean had gotten too cramped to do much moving anymore.

After 26 hours on pitocin and zero contractions (and saying farewell to my father-in-law who had to get back to work), I was wheeled into the operating room and we welcomed String Bean into the world. She was worth the wait!


Amy said...

Why did I think her birthday was still another week away?

Mandie said...

Her birthday IS another week away. She was really late. I was talking about my due date. :)