Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things You Should Know...

...about decorating for Christmas with a toddler

  1. Verbal commands such as "stop" and "gentle" suddenly mean nothing when the glow of Christmas lights captures them.
  2. Expect shrieking, screaming, jumping up and down, and possibly temper tantrums from your husband (well, if a Bears game is on while you're decorating anyway).
  3. Empty boxes are fun to stack and knock down. Be sure the ones your toddler grabs are indeed empty.
  4. If you have a toy shopping cart at your house, it is amazing what chores associated with decorating you can get your child to do.
  5. If you have one of those ornaments that you touch to turn on and off the tree lights, be sure not to do so in the presence of your child. You will regret it the rest of the season.
  6. Animal ornaments are a crowd pleaser.
  7. When setting up the nativity scene, be sure to explain whose birthday it is. Inevitably your child will respond to the question, "Whose birthday is at Christmas?" with "Daddy!" *slaps self in forehead* We are working on correcting this although technically, she's right.
  8. When chopping down your Christmas tree, picking a field that is without mud is desirable.
  9. Mittens are also desirable.
  10. When your toddler experiences Christmas for the first time (in her memory anyway), the reactions are simply priceless. Have your camera ready (and battery charged)!

1 comment:

Joan said...

Sounds like you had a great time of it! I'm sure String Bean had more fun than you and Mr. Bean. I can't wait to some pictures of that experience.

PS- don't forget to do the birthday party and let String Bean blow out the candle!