Monday, November 30, 2009

Fantasy Football

My husband is really having a rough fantasy football week. He is playing me. I'm winning. He has two guys playing in tonight's Monday Night Football game. Walking into the game, he was down 44 points.

Every time one of his players scores, he updates me on exactly how many points he has until he catches up and surpasses me while reminding me that my team cannot score any more points this week.

We are halfway through the third quarter. He's down by 34. I think it is safe to say that I, Pug Central, will win this week and upset the #1 team, Bob Nokes, in our league.

Take that, Mr. Bean.


Madge said...

OK. next year I am doing fantasy football. please tell me it is easy and not time consuming. please.

Mandie said...

It is easy and not time consuming! (Unless you want to be gung ho about it.)