Sunday, September 20, 2009

Practical Jokes

I was reminded today of the day my sister tried to prank me for getting her into trouble. In all fairness, she deserved it. My dad told her to do a chore and she turned around and told me that dad told her to tell me to do it, and I did it. Then dad thanked her at dinner for doing said chore. Imagine my surprise!

Well, I said tried to prank me and here's what she did:

  • Saran wrapped the toilet. Unfortunately, she didn't do it tight enough and it just fell in when I...uh...went.
  • Rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer. Well, let's just say my dad discovered it before I did.
  • Short-sheeting my bed. I got in and recognized the problem, yanked on my sheets and went to sleep, She didn't do it right.
Not understanding why I was getting pranked when she's the one who pranked me in the first place, I got her back.

  • First, I snunk into her room after she was asleep and set her clock forward by several hours; when she thought she was getting up at 7 am, it was really 3 am.
  • Second, I set my alarm to be up 5 minutes before hers went off.
  • When I got up, I went into the bathroom and steamed it up with hot water. I listened for her alarm to go off and put a towel on my head and crept down the hall.
  • I told my sister a whopper about our older sister being sick and not going to school that day.
  • I went back to bed and locked my door--just in case.
I found out the next morning that my sister had gotten up, showered, dressed, eaten breakfast and watched TV. Mind you, she passed multiple clocks that were set correctly by this point. It wasn't until she was getting ready to go out to catch the school bus that she realized it was 3 something in the morning. Mwaha ha ha ha!

Don't mess with me, Holly.

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