Friday, September 18, 2009

More Free Advice

When you've been on the job for less than a month, do not make your coworker mad by saying or doing any of the following.

  1. Coworker: Where is _____? Me: They just stepped out and will be right back. Coworker: Oh, good because if they weren't here today, you'd hear about it. I think to myself: I fail to see how this is my problem.
  2. Coworker: *Whispering* Get off the phone! I need to talk to you! *repeat ad nasuem*
  3. Coworker to me: Wow. That's a big rock on your hand. Someone must really like you.
  4. After helping your coworker through a crisis moment, your coworker puts his arm around your other coworker and says, "Thanks for being helpful. Mandie is not helpful at all."
  5. After you tell him to get out. He sticks around and continues to berate you.
Learn from this guy's mistakes and don't repeat them.

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