Monday, June 29, 2009

Star Spangled Banner

15 Star US Flag (adopted by Congress in 1795).
Photo taken in Philadelphia, PA on July 1, 2006.
1st place photo for Patriotic category at the county fair Summer 2007
Photo by Mr. Bean

As our nation's birthday draws near, you certainly will hear your share of patriotic songs. Our national anthem has a unique history. I found this article which is thorough yet brief. Here are some interesting facts I gleaned from it:

  • Our national anthem wasn't adopted as such until 1931 thanks to President Herbert Hoover. Now I need to go back and rewatch all the historical movies of the American Revolution and see how many play the Star Spangled Banner which would be historically inaccurate.
  • The anthem has 4 stanzas. I am not sure if I have heard any except the first!
  • The US Code 36 U.S.C. § 301 gives citizens the rules of conduct during the playing of the national anthem.
  • The anthem has been translated into multiple languages which is fitting since we are a country of immigrants!

I hope you feel more educated about your American heritage!

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Allyson Kellner said...

And don't forget, if you fly your flag outside at night, it has to be illuminated! :-)