Monday, May 4, 2009


When I was in 2nd grade, we had a class hamster that my friend Elizabeth (who was always super-intelligent) named Ollie after Oliver North who shredded documents in the 80s. I guess she figured the hamster would be chewing up stuff like Oliver.

Today I've spent the majority of the day sorting through old paperwork and shredding it just like Ollie. Of course the shredder has jammed on me twice so I've had to spend time pulling the paper out of every nook and cranny of it. Every time the basket would fill up, I'd have to empty it which would mean little papers everywhere. Since String Bean is Mommy's little helper and picks up everything. So, out came the vacuum cleaner to clean up the little bits.

Vacuum cleaners and shredders make terrifying noises to toddlers, so all this was done during naps today. Now that String Bean is down for the night, it is time to shred more!


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