Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mishap at Home

String Bean was reading one of her board/foam-ish books that we checked out the library this morning when she decided to pull one of the pages out of the middle of the book. I found her holding it up in triumph and parading around the room screaming in delight as if she'd slayed a dragon.

I figured we better take it back to the library before further damage was done to String Bean's victim the book. Upon arrival in the Children's department, I told the librarian that we'd had a little mishap that morning at home and showed her the torn and tattered book. Jokingly, I added, "String Bean feels really bad about what she did, don't you?" When I looked at String Bean, her face was red, her eyes were droopy, and she had a pout on her face. Granted, I did rouse her as she was preparing for a snooze in the car seat, but I thought she was going to start crying at any moment. The poor librarian immediately tried to soothe String Bean, "It's okay honey, I am not going to yell at you. These things happen. Don't be sad." Wow. I was kidding when I said she was sorry.

We turned around to go to the elevator (String Bean's favorite) and I put String Bean down and said, "Let's go ride the elevator!" As if she knew her acting gig was over, she squealed in delight and ran for the elevator.

Where does she get this? Should I enroll her in acting classes and make an appointment for head shots? Could this be our ticket to a comfy retirement?

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Christy said...

Be afraid. Be very afraid!