Thursday, May 21, 2009

E is for Elephant

This is a proud mommy post, so if any of you are turned off by that, here's your chance to escape.

Last night as Filbert was reading to the little nuts, he started pointing to some letters for Peanut. Filbert pointed to a "d" and Peanut said "whoof, whoof" as in d is for dog! How much does that rock! That's pretty smart for a 3 year old, let alone a 3 year old whose parents were told he would be retarded! But, that is not all! Filbert pointed to the "e" and Peanut did his elephant sound and sign! His evaluations have always shown that he does not have any cognative delays, but it's nice to get a little extra confirmation every once in a while.


Caryn said...

That is exciting, Amy! What a great affirmation!

Mr. Bean said...

Nice work, Peanut!

Mandie said...


Grandnut C said...

That's my boy!!!!