Friday, April 17, 2009

Red Carpet Debut

The long-awaited Red Carpet event was this evening and String Bean loved every minute of it. If you missed the background on this, you can read it here. The paparazzi was out at the event and took these photos for your viewing pleasure!

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Mr. Bean and String Bean pose before the screening since they were both dressed up!

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String Bean runs down the red carpet!

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And the Oscar goes to....String Bean for best supporting actress!! Not really. She lost to the other supporting actress in her film; however, several people commented after the event that she should have won. We commandeered this award from one of the (real) winners.


Donna Hayden said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

If there were only two of her she could be the next Olson twins. Nah! She can do it all by her lonesome - watch out Hollywood!

Nana and Pop said...

Do we get to see the film? As soon as String Bean cam write her name, we would like an autograph!

Mandie said...

We are still waiting for a copy of it ourselves!

John smith said...

Very cute baby......
Red Carpet Backdrop

Selby's Media Wall said...

I believe String Bean will win the next one.