Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Movie Star

String Bean has been asked to star in a movie. Some students who work with Mr. Bean are working on their class film. Every class from seniors to freshmen write a short film, cast it, produce it, and screen it at the college. It is a big deal. The students rent limos for the stars and have them parade on the red carpet on opening night.

String Bean has been asked to play the part of a young child whose dad is telling her a bedtime story which is a flashback on his younger days. The students need a set and will be using String Bean's own bedroom. We have agreed to let the students rearrange furniture as long as they return things where they found it!

The original plot called for a crying baby. After tense negotiations, Mr. Bean got the producers to agree to a rewrite. String Bean will be able to use her own creative expression and act in the scene as she feels led based on the chemistry she has with her actor-dad. If that includes crying, so be it. However, if she's not feeling it, that's OK, too.

Salary negotiations and the technical riders are still in the works. String Bean has expressed interest in bananas, goldfish, corn chex and cookies in her dressing room. As far as salary goes, she has indicated she'd be happy if she were compensated by just getting to stay up late. Her agent (aka Mr. Bean) is working on her behalf to get the sweetest deal he can. Unfortunately, this is a low-budget film.

We start shooting in about two weeks.


Caryn said...

Hope we can see her acting debut on the big screen!

Filbert said...

She's not a real star until she specifies the BRAND of bananas and cookies and the flavor of the goldfish that need to be placed in her dressing room.

Tanya said...

How fun! What a great idea too! the students must love it! Can't wait to see her debut!!