Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Anti-Earth Day

In 2014, no longer will traditional light bulbs be available. Legislation has been passed that pretty much forces everyone to use CFL bulbs which are often touted as being the earth-friendly solution.

I found this article on NPR that says otherwise. Since the government has yet to figure out how to safely dispose of CFL bulbs, which contain mercury and can be toxic, it seems that the new earth-friendly option is only creating a bigger disaster. The article talks about the dangers including contaminating the soil, danger to children and unborn children due to neurotoxins, and risk to waste collectors who have to handle the bulbs that break (inevitably) on their way to the landfill. Do these CFL bulbs that save energy sound like they are worth the risk for saving energy? Is this really a earth-friendly option?

Glenn Beck of Fox News had a funny segment where he had one of his coworkers go outside, break a CFL bulb and go through the process of cleaning it up as recommended by the EPA. It is quite an undertaking.

Happy anti-Earth day everyone! Here's your bulb.


Christy said...

I guess we have to go back to candles in 2014 cause I don't wanna use these stupid bulbs! It's insane!

Filbert said...

The EPA has issued a warning not to use CFLs over a carpeted room in a house with children because if they break on the carpet mercury vapors will be released every time you vacuum for a full year. We never vacuum so it's not an issue for us, but it goes to show how little our legislators understand when they pass these asinine laws.

Caryn said...

Our legislators aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, Filbert, as you know...