Saturday, March 7, 2009

Compliments from Strangers

String Bean and I pulled up to the little strip mall where our local Starbucks is located. In the window of the Verizon store a man caught my eye, looked at my little one and a large smile came across his face. After ordering my drink, I saw him walk into Starbucks and order his.

Since String Bean always has a cookie in each hand, she was full of a mixture of cookie crumbs and drool which had made a nice paste on her hands. Quite disgusting looking. I took her over to wipe her hands off and the man came over to the napkin stand and said, "She sure is cute, but I bet you hear that all the time." So, in the spilt second before I responded with "Thanks, we never get tired of hearing it!" I wondered if we should crown him Man-of-the-Year or give him a dunce cap and stand him in the corner and dub him Master of the Obvious.

Man-of-the-Year: If I had been a single mom, that line would have been the perfect pick up line. Not only was he complimenting my child (and as an extension-me), but also assumed that I'd been hearing this sort of compliment her whole life. A stroke of genius.

Master of the Obvious: Anyone who know me and String Bean knows full well how cute she is. His statement merely stated the obvious. Any fool should know that we've been getting compliments on her adorable-ness from strangers for months (16 to be exact). Even her ultrasound got compliments from strangers like, "Wow, not only is it obvious this child is gifted, it is also obvious that she is a shoe-in for Miss America. No other contestants need apply."

I'm torn. Don't misunderstand, I'll take the compliment. Thank you very much, Mr. Stranger. What do you think? Man-of-the-Year or Master of the Obvious?


Christy said...

Man of the year.

Caryn said...

Master of the obvious...of course!

Amy said...

I'll have to go with Master of the Obvious, because it would never occur to me that it could be a pick-up line.

Ginger said...

Well, you have more experience with baby compliments than I do, but it sure sounds like a pick-up line to me! Was he peeking at your ring finger?

Filbert said...

"it would never occur to me that it could be a pick-up line."

And that's why you had to settle for a total loser like me.

Mandie said...

Oh, snap!

Amy said...

"And that's why you had to settle for a total loser like me."

It also means you don't need to be jealous. You're stuck with me.

Mandie said...

Amy, sounds to me like Filbert recognizes that he married out of his league!