Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Birth of Walnut

Super Bowl Sunday, every man's worst nightmare, missing the big game because his wife is inconveniently in labor. Although, when my labor started at midnight, on the eve of the Super Bowl Sunday, Filbert fully expected he would still be able to attend the big party at church and would be handing out chocolate cigars and showing pictures during the half-time. He thought surely, a chiropractor's wife would have no trouble and sail through delivery quickly and easily. Oh, if only....

I learned a few things in my 20 hours of labor which ended in a C-section. First, considering that it was my beloved Filbert's idea to do the Bradley Method, he is a lousy labor coach. Second, I don't like company while I'm writhing in pain for hours on end. Third, football is not really a great distraction, especially when there are 5 injuries in the first quarter (although, the distraction was greatly appreciated by my dad) and lastly, when an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management and a chiropractor get to chatting, they end up trying stuff out on each other and forgetting about the pregnant lady waiting for relief over in the bed. (In case you were wondering, I don't think Vicodan actually changed hands, but Filbert did shove the guy up against the wall and crack his back.)

I would probably make different choices regarding birthing if I were able to start all over again, but I wouldn't changed anything about my first-born child. He is a delightful little person, he is the one who made me a mother and he teaches me about life, every day.

Oh, and Filbert just reminded me that he missed a chili cook-off in addition to the church Super Bowl party. To him I say, "Cry me a river."


Mandie said...

Cry me a river indeed! Mr. Bean was thrilled when he learned my due date was during the Bears bye week. He did get a bit nervous when the baby was late.

Mr. Bean said...

I cannot lie--what Mandie says is the truth. Thankfully, Ruby decided to start the whole labor process (if you could even call it that) on a Monday afternoon, safely giving us a full week before the next Bears game.