Friday, January 30, 2009


My friend, Cheri, is in the hospital. She had a low blood pressure but high pulse episode and they took her in for observation. The bottom line (as of this post) is they think it is just stress related and haven't found a medical reason for it, yet. Better safe than sorry.

String Bean and I got the e-mail about her hospital stay this morning at 9 am. (She wrote it at 6:00 am after the cardiologist visited with her.) We had a playdate scheduled (with my co-blogger Amy's kids and some other friends), so following the playdate around noon we visited with Cheri. We were her first visitors! I hope she got a lot more this afternoon.

Let this be fair warning to all my friends: If I end up in the hospital for ANY reason, I need visitors!


Filbert said...

When Amy had Walnut nobody from church came. A week earlier in the same hospital another woman from church had a baby and 3 pastors visited her and she spent the next several months complaining to everyone that no one cared about her because not all of the pastors came by.

Mandie said...

Ugh. We had one pastor visit, but it was because his son bugged him to do so. It was not an official pastoral visit. I did have a lot of visitors in the hospital thanks to you guys!

Now I'm trying to figure out who that was...

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I'd come visit you if we lived closer! :-) Ladybug and I LOVE to do hospital visits. She charms the pants off everyone!

And seeing Filbert's comment, we had WAY TOO MANY visitors when Ladybug was born. I think at least 30 the first day. I was drugged up from the c-section and don't remember much, but both Hubby and I were so exhausted that night. He from talking to people all day, me from having just had a baby!

the other Amy said...

I think some people just don't know if the patient wants visitors and they don't want to ask if they can visit because it might seem like they are imposing.