Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Awkward Phone Calls

I mentioned earlier this week that I have been trying to find some former teammates of mine from a missions trip I took 17 years ago. Let me recap just one set of phone calls trying to find "Kristen".

Phone call #1:
Me: Hi, is Kristen available?
Him: You have the wrong number. Do you want Kristen ____?
Me: Yes.
Him: Ok. Her phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Me: Thanks!

Phone call #2 using the number that I got from phone call #1:

Me: Hi, is Kristen home?
Him: Not right now can I take a message?
Me: Um...first let me make sure I have the right number. Is Kristen's maiden name ____ and is she from Graham, WA?
Him: No.
Me: Oh. Ok. I have the wrong number then. Sorry!

After searching on the internet and finding yet another possible phone number, I call it and get an answering machine. Since I don't feel like leaving the awkward message. I hang up. Moments later, my phone rings:

Me: Hello?
Him: Yeah, you called me.
Me: Oh, I was looking for Kristen _____.
Him: Oh, this is the phone number for John ______ and __________ (some random guy's name).
Me: Oh, I guess I have the wrong number. I'm looking for a Kristen ____ married to a John ___ which is why I thought it was you.
Him: Oh, there are like 5 John _____s living in this area. Good luck.

I hope I don't have to make any more awkward phone calls tonight.

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