Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Principal's Office

My cousin-in-law, Ginger, writes a blog talking about some of the reality shows out there that you're probably missing. The way she writes about them, it makes you want to see them to catch all the jaw-dropping moments that simply can't be missed.

Just such a show is airing as I type this: The Principal's Office. It is on TruTV (a channel that is not available on Ginger's local cable, or she'd be blogging about this instead of me. That means she's also missing Operation Repo which is a shame, but I digress). It is all about the shenanigans high school-ers try to pull over on their principals. Having been a teacher myself and heard some of the craziest excuses for the reasons kids do what they do, I can fully appreciate what these principals are going through.

What is even more impressive is the way they keep a stern voice and straight face when dealing with absurd situations like the girls who violated their school's cell phone policy. Their reason? "We have tickets to the Maury show today and we were excited about it." Or how about the kid who likened riding his skateboard in the school cafeteria to kids riding their bikes....*chirp, chirp*....Yeah, no one rides their bikes in the cafeteria! Probably my favorite was the girls who got in a fight and while in the principal's office hurled insults like "Gap-toothed trailer trash" at one another and insisted that they would have another fight if necessary. Don't get me started on the kids who get caught on surveillance camera and still lie about it....THIS is our future, America!

Why do I watch reality television? To feel better about myself. I look at these shows and realize I'm pretty normal.

P.S. Ginger is an unemployed editor looking for a job. If you have a lead for her, let her know on her blog!


Jenny said...

I liked the boy who thought he could skateboard at school because by now "I thought you were past that." That principal and his bonfire of skateboards were pretty funny too!

Christy said...

I watch "reality tv" for the same reason, especially Nanny 911 and Super Nanny.