Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good or Great

The opinions below are that of Mandie and not necessarily endorsed by Amy.

Good: Chocolate
Great: Dark Chocolate

Good: Small amounts of snow
Great: Large amounts of snow that close everything down
(Bad: Snow that I have to drive in)

Good: Vacation Time
Great: Vacation Time with a destination that does not include a long drive

Good: Health Insurance
Great: Health Insurance with low deductibles

Good: Free Stuff
Great: Free Stuff you actually need and like

Good: E-mail
Great: Personal snail mail with good news

Good: Weekends
Great: Long Weekends

Do you have anything to add?


Mr. Bean said...

Good: Endless Ocean
Great: Endless Ocean AND Endless Ocean 2

Grandnut C said...

Good: Celebrating Christmas
Great: Celebrating Chriatmas with the WHOLE family.

Christy said...

I shared some good/greats on this post, but maybe they were too controversial to make the cut. Oh well.

Mandie said...

Christy: I don't moderate comments, so maybe there was some glitch when you hit send. I don't know!