Monday, January 12, 2009

For Our "Advanced" Readers

I was reading a blog post about that suggested we "Make a post for advanced readers." I am shaking my head here not sure why they suggested that I make a post for my "advanced" readers, but here goes:

Hello, "advanced" readers! I hope this type is large enough for you to read. You can always enlarge the type on any webpage you see by going to the menu in your web browser and changing the font.

In Mozilla Firefox, go to "View" and choose "Zoom" then "Zoom In."

In Internet Explorer, go to "page" then chose "text size" and then pick the size you want your text to be.

I hope that was a helpful post for our "advanced" readers. I kinda think it was weird that the website suggested a blog post for advanced readers.

That is what they meant, right?


Caryn said...

I guess I am what you would call an "advanced" reader, or if you prefer, "age enhanced." I am happy to be advanced and enhanced in some form, though I am not sure this is the form I would choose! Maybe I should look on the bright side, that I am wiser and more experienced, and a little more mellow and decisive.

Thanks for the large print, Mandie!

Christy said...

I thought advanced meant they could handle bigger words. ;0)

Mandie said...

Good point, Christy.

I really don't know what they meant by that! Weird suggestion.