Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Haircut

String Bean, September 2008, Pulaski, TN

Our 14 months old, String Bean needs something done with her hair. She's got a fair amount of baby soft hair that is getting fairly long. If she had been a boy, we would have cut it by now.

I'm trying to figure out when/how to get it cut. I like the fact that it is long because she looks like a girl and has all those cute curly Qs at the bottom of her hair that I'm sure will disappear if we cut it. On the other hand, her hair only looks good for about 2 1/2 minutes a day and that's right after I wet her hair down, comb it, and put a barrette in it. I say 2 1/2 minutes because that's the average amount of time the barrette stays in her hair before she discovers it is there and pulls it (and several locks of hair) out. When her hair looks bad, it looks really bad. If it were my hair I would have cut it long ago.

So, I'm looking for some opinions. When did you get your daughter's hair cut for the first time? What prompted you to do it? What advice do you have for String Bean's hair?


The Matthews said...

Avery had her first hair cut around String Beans age, but I haven't cut it since. I cut it mainly because of the same reasons, alot of her baby hair was growing out and her "big girl" hair was coming in, and it just didn't look nice anymore. I found that by cutting her hair it actually did make it grow in a little thicker and fuller, and now she's got a ton of hair! Her hair never lost it's curl, infact it got more curly! but I think that has alot to do with both mom and dad have curly/wavey hair, so she comes by it honestly. Good luck with your decision

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I haven't cut Ladybug's hair yet and she 19 months old. Hubby gets on me about it every so often. But I just put a little whale spout pony tail on top of her head to keep it out of her eyes.

String Bean will grow out of wanting to pull out the barrette. If you can persevere through that stage....

I want to go as long as possible before that first haircut.

Christy said...

I'm pretty sure my DD was over a year old before we had her hair cut. She has very fine hair, like me, so I wanted to wait as long as possible. I used the slide on type of barettes and she didn't seem to mind those as much as the clip together type. I think those pulled her hair and were not comfy.

Allyson Kellner said...

My middle kiddo had the same problem. I waited until she was almost twenty months before giving her the first haircut. I just evened out the ends. After I did this twice (a couple months in between), her hair is now coming in much thicker (and faster). It was sad to say good-bye to those baby curly strands, but she looks so much closer to her actual age now (she's a shrimp)! :-)