Friday, December 26, 2008

Scary Toys

I fully expect any kid to be afraid of Darth Vader's mask or some of those action figures fashioned after alien movies. What I didn't expect was String Bean's reaction to some of her Christmas presents. Elmo Live was under our tree. At first, he was funny. Then he came closer to her. Forget it. She cowers when he gets too close or when he starts laughing. You'd think he was a monster. Oh, wait...he is.

String Bean also got a book about farm animals. (For the life of me, I can't find you a link to the product to see it.) It is called the Push and Pop Farm Book. It has a little wheel you spin on the edge of each page and a cardboard photo of an animal pops up from between the pages. All it takes is catching sight of that book, and a look of disapproval shows on String Bean's face. If she can get her hands on it, she hands it to whoever is the closest and shakes her head "no." Forget about opening it, or even worse, popping up the photos. She loses all her composure and tears start falling.

I don't see what is so scary about these toys. After all, they don't make that horrible sound the vacuum cleaner makes!


Madge said...

set them aside and in six months, or a year, or two, she'll be madly in love with them....

i was always amazed/flabbergasted/annoyed with the things that scared my kids when they were toddlers.

Emily said...

I'm glad Chloe does not have the same reaction to Elmo Live. She's getting one for her birthday next week!

Jamie used to be afraid of some toys and he's outgrown it. (He is, however, afraid of Santa.) She might like them down the road.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I'm glad we didn't get any scary toys for Ladybug. I do think it's just a stage. Put them away for a while and maybe it will pass.

Other than the scary toys, I hope y'all had a good Christmas!

Christy said...

I, too, am amazed at what is considered 'scary' but the little tikes. My two-year-old niece and nephew scream torturous cries from the most mundane things. At least they are to me, but then again I've had a lot more experience than they have, so I guess I should be more forgiving. You could consider it a blessing that String Bean is opposed to Elmo - you won't have to listen to him over and over and over and over. And for the book, you won't have to read that one over and over and over.