Monday, December 29, 2008

Foul Beast

Isn't Mango a sweet name for a long-haired orange cat? If you saw Mango from a distance, you would think she's the cutest, sweetest little cat you'd ever seen. Just wait until you get up close though. She's a foul beast.

A cat adoption agency picked her up wandering down the middle of the street and my sister subsequently adopted her. My mom swears Mango is a sweet cat all the time, but whenever we get near her, she hisses and howls then runs away. I consider Mango the "Scrooge" of the cat world.

String Bean is completely enamoured with Mango. You say her name or the word "cat" and String Bean gets a huge grin on her face and starts looking for the foul beast. Once she's found, Mango hisses and runs away. I'm not sure why String Bean thinks she's so great when Mango only greets her with her foulness. I will admit it is the most adorable thing when Mango is hiding under the bed and String Bean gets down on the floor to look under the bed at her. (String Bean has her daddy trained to shine a flashlight under the bed to look for the cat.)

Mr. Bean, the cat enthusiast, nicknamed Mango the foul beast. I'm allergic to the cat, so Mango already had a strike against her. If her demeaner were a bit nicer, we might like her more.


the other Amy said...

How is she compared to Max?

Christy said...

I don't like cats at all, which usually means they want to rub all over me just to tick me off!

Mandie said...

She's pretty rotten, Amy. I think Max would actually bite you. I'm not sure Mango would though.