Friday, November 28, 2008

Trust and Priorities

The priorities of a 5 year old are quite interesting. I was taking a shower the other day. Cashew was asleep and Walnut and Peanut were watching Sesame Street, so I thought I might be able to luxuriate for a bit, maybe even shave my legs. Then all of the sudden, I heard Walnut come thundering down the hallway and burst into the bathroom. I prepared myself for the worst, expecting to hear that Peanut's head had fallen off or something, when Walnut said "You have *got* to see this!" and thrust Peanut's blue hat into the shower for me to see. There was no blood, but there was no pom-pom on the top, either, just a few straggly pieces of yarn. Peanut's newest joy is pulling the yarn out of pom-poms and he had delighted the heck out of that hat. Later that day, while the boys were watching TV in my room, Peanut had knocked all the clothes off of the top of my dresser (remembering that I'm a Messie, that means a *lot* of clothes). I didn't notice that the TV was askew, but Filbert did when he got home. He asked if something happened to it and I was about to say no, when Walnut piped up. "Peanut tried to pull it off, but I caught it, it almost fell to the floor and the remotes were going everywhere, and I almost dropped it, but I got it back up there eventually" (paraphrased). I asked him why he didn't call me, and he said "oh, I didn't want to bother you." So, to a 5 year old, yarn - *huge*, TV's - not so much.

I was thinking about this later, as I lay in bed trying to sleep and it occured to me that sometimes, I'm like this, too. When I'm running late, I have no problem throwing up a quick prayer for green lights. With the little things, it's easy to trust God, but with the big things, it's a different story. Finances are tight, but do I trust God's provision? No, I'm busy filling my mind with all sorts of schemes to make a million dollars. When I'm sick and tired and overwhelmed by life, do I ask for help? No, I struggle and fume and fuss, but I don't want to be a bother.

Maybe you're like me. Help is there. There are people that are always waiting to give a hand and even more, we have God that is more powerful and knowing than our minds can comprehend. So why do we find it so hard to trust Him?


Christy said...

So true. Things I didn't realize until I became a parent. The lessons are still coming!

Mandie said...

Walnut is hilarious. I have an image in my mind of him trying to hold a TV and keep it from falling on the floor. Hilarious.

Good insights, Amy!