Saturday, November 29, 2008

True Confessions, Part III

My husband, Filbert (not his real name) has a deep and abiding love for sweaters. I mean *deep* and *abiding*. Seriously, it's a problem. He used to keep about half of them in Cashew's closet, but since that is no longer an option, he redesigned his own closet so that each sweater has a compartment where it can lovingly be stored. I had to establish a "one in, one out" rule for his sweaters and about a year ago, I finally convinced him to get rid re-home his last Cosby sweater. When I decided to start using cloth diapers to save money, his first concern was for his sweaters and the impact of washing diapers and then washing his dear sweaters. He was dreadfully afraid of poop transfer. I assured him that it could never happen, and reluctantly he agreed, although, he always tries to make sure another load goes through the washer between the diapers and his sweaters and when he sprays poop off of a diaper, he sprays and rinses and swishes that diaper so thoroughly, it almost doesn't even need to be washed. I am not quite so diligent.

Now, I am going to tell you something that he must *never* know. First, my kids really like cereal that has dried blueberries in it. And dried blueberries pretty much go straight through to the diaper. One time, (seriously, do not tell my husband this, he will freak out and take all his sweaters to the dry cleaner and we cannot afford a dry cleaning bill for 40 sweaters), so one time, I was taking the diapers out of the washer and there at the bottom of tub was one fully reconstituted blueberry.


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Mandie said...

I have seen this sweater collection. Cosby sweaters indeed.

I must say I share the poop transfer phobia...one reason I do not cloth diaper. That, and I *hate* the environment.

Allyson Kellner said...

LOL!!! I am laughing quite hard at this entry and all my dear hubby can say (I read it out loud to him) is, "Man, I sympathize with Filbert!!" :-P Are you sure it was really a reconstituted blueberry and not just "stuck" on the fabric from a spill? I've never had any poop transfer in our cloth diapering. I guess there is a first for everything! I usually put the cloth diapers in a quick rinse cycle first (with soap and baking soada), then I do a full load of those 'clean' diapers with other clothing around the house that has gotten severely soiled (usually relating to a food spill that happened when I turned by back to load the washer with the diapers). I guess that is one way I do insurance on the possible poop transfer! Though I happen to think--maybe one reason I haven't had too much of an issue is that our cloth diapers don't get too poopy. I use a cloth diaper liner when I'm pretty sure they are 'due' for their 'present.' Sometimes I miss that calculation and don't enjoy swishing, but most of the time I can catch it and then just throw it in the disposable diaper pail we have (we use a combo of cloth and disposable diapers).

Christy said...

I'm with Mandie on this one.