Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random Thoughts for Today

I'm stealing this blog posting idea from my friend Emily. Here are my thoughts for today:

  • The dishwasher is running and it sounds like it is about to take off (as in fly).
  • I got allergy shots today and my arms are itchy.
  • String Bean got a flu shot today (part 2 of 2) and screamed. She recovered from the ordeal in about 20 seconds. Now you'd never know she got a shot.
  • String Bean and I went to our polling place and there was no line at 11:45 am! We both got a sticker for doing our civic duty. As of this post, String Bean has not taken hers off, yet.
  • Mr. Bean hasn't been in his office all morning.
  • My mom and sister went to the polling place together in Alabama this morning. Apparently their votes for the presidential candidates canceled one other out.
  • I love that my new watch tells me the date!
  • Babies that eat corn don't digest it very well.
  • Most of my Facebook friends have a status update about voting today.
  • My friend, Christy, spells Savior the British way: "Saviour"
  • String Bean has learned to brush her own hair. It is very cute, but she needs more practice before I let her go out of the house like that.
  • I haven't taken allergy medication (or cold medication) in almost 2 years thanks to pregnancy and nursing.
  • I can feel the winter dry skin approaching already.
  • My living room floor is filled with board books.
  • I'm really in the mood to decorate the house for Christmas, but it is a bit early. Maybe I'll just wrap the presents I've already purchased instead.
  • I wonder why the Fisher-Price Noah's Ark does not have a monkey.


Emily said...

Yea, I started a trend! :)

Christy said...

I guess it's because I'm reading C.S. Lewis. I didn't even notice my spelling, which is odd for me. You are very observant.

the other Amy said...

Babies aren't the only ones who don't digest corn well.

Caryn said...

You should get a video of String Bean combing her own hair. That would be fun to see!

Mandie said...

Caryn (aka Mom), you can see it for yourself next week!