Monday, November 3, 2008

Items of Clothing for String Bean and Cashew

I was browsing the online stores this evening and found several items that fall into the category of "oh, too cute" that String Bean and Cashew would rock on the runway. I don't think either of our models need these clothes (nevermind the expense), but they are sure fun to look at.

The descriptions on these items of clothing are taken directly from the online stores:

Your grandmother's coat, reproduced for your little glamour girl. Super soft faux-fur is so fun for her to wear over everything from sweet dresses to funky jeans and tees.

Found at Old Navy for $36.50.

Skip to the chocolate shop in sweetly giftable looks full of playful polka dots. Rich and seasonal colors will look so cute on your little girl with our bodysuit, jumper and head-to-toe matching accessories.

Found at Gymboree for $95.00 for the entire collection.

Fun lined rainboots that you don't have to save for a rainy day. Great for playing outside or helping out in the garden.

Found at Belly Dance Baby for $29.00

Shabby Baby "Aviary"

Brown and pink floral and bird print little girl's dress. It is a long sleeve empire waist dress with a pleated skirt and a square neckline. Snap button closure at the back of the neck.

Found at Kitsel for $52.00

Soft pink hat with picot edge trim and pink and white knitted flower.

This reminds me of a flapper's hat from the 20s!

Found at Etsy for $23.00

(If you have yet to discover the joy of Etsy, I encourage you to try it out by visiting my friend Whitney's shop!)

Because AV club, jazz band, and hanging with the exchange students was way cooler than anyone ever knew. Rock this cool design on a baby tee or one-piece. Knock the baby shower circle out of their cake-and-ice-cream coma with this crowd-pleasing gift.

Found at Baby Wit for $21.00.

I could probably surf the web and post more items to add to Cashew and String Bean's fashion extravaganza, but I'll leave it at these choice items. Chuckle with me at the thought!


Amy said...

I'm dieing here.

Christy said...

Ahh, the memories. I used to cruise the mall about twice a week when my DD was a tot! Yes, the husband took my credit card from my clinched hand and right before my very eyes he cut into pieces! I haven't been the same since. Mainly because we have more money now.