Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Are We All Idiots?

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I just have to laugh when I read news articles like the one that hit the news wires on Monday: A man stole some money from a gas station and went looking for a getaway car. Upon trying to carjack the victim, someone came to her aid and hit him over the head with a frozen turkey. He still managed to get away, but was having a hard time driving after the incident and was arrested shortly after but with a head injury. Imagine being this guy and explaining to the doctor in the emergency room how you got your injuries. Quite embarrassing if you ask me.

As I read news articles like these (and there are a lot more out there if you need a good laugh), I wonder what kind of an idiot am I sometimes. I have 3 sisters and I'm sure they could all tell you stupid things I did growing up (like when my sister asked if I knew how to spell "idiot" and I answered, "Yes, e-d-i-t "). I know I've done dumb things as an adult (like the time I overdrew the checking account because I was too lazy to write down my withdraws).

But how does God see us? We constantly are told to do or not to do this or that by God's Word. We've memorized it. We teach the dos and don'ts to our children, yet we continue to do these stupid things over and over.

We are all idiots. We all do things we smack ourselves in the head for later. I guess we all need a measure of grace.

This poor guy who got hit with the turkey is probably smacking himself in the head repeatedly right now (that or his mother is). I'm sure he feels like a complete moron. I hope someone in his life is helping him learn from his mistakes and giving him the tools to help him not repeat them.

God forgives us for our short-comings. I'm sure he'll forgive the guy with the bump on his head from the frozen turkey if he just asks.

Lord, help me to learn right from wrong just as I teach my daughter right from wrong.

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