Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am sipping tea out of my Philadelphia mug.

My grandparents lived in Philadelphia for as long as I can remember, so I probably should be thinking of them when I drink from it. Nonna and Pop-Pop. Nonna died about 7 years ago. I remember the day because it was near my first wedding anniversary and Mr. Bean and I had just made an offer on the condo where we are now living.

String Bean has recently gotten into the story of Noah again. Instead of Noah, she says Nonna. It has led to some very confusing moments for me because she never knew Nonna and we haven't been talking about her lately. But it is a nice reminder of my grandmother.

No, instead of thinking of my grandparents, I am reminded of my husband's friend, Bryan. He lives in Philadelphia (not the suburbs like my grandparents) and used to work at Starbucks. One time when we visited, we spent some time with him and he gave us the Philly mug that I enjoy my tea out of this morning. Thanks, Bryan!

Pop-Pop turns 90 in August, so we will be visiting Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, then....as a family of 4!

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