Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vacuum Phobia

We've known for months (or even a year?) that String Bean is terrified of the vacuum. It was never more obvious to me than when the cleaning service came today to clean the common areas of our condo building. We could hear the vacuum outside our door and she shivered in her high chair with fear.

30 minutes later, we went to get the mail. No vacuum cleaner in sight. After picking up our mail, we could hear the vacuum cleaner start on the floor above us. Oh, the sheer terror and extremely cautious steps my two-year-old took were fueled with adrenaline. I had to carry her halfway down the hall until we couldn't hear the vacuum anymore.

Oh the innocence of a child! I can't imagine having one fear in life--a fear of a vacuum which can easily be turned off. I hope she stays innocent like this for some time to come.

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