Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our ER Trip

At 3 pm yesterday, String Bean massively threw up all over her bedroom floor. I walked in and she began to cry hysterically because her pants were dirty. So, I threw her in the bathtub with all her clothes on and started peeling them off. Crying continued over the dirty clothes and how dirty she was. Shortly then she insisted on water...tears increasing. So, I grabbed her water and my cell phone. While I was grabbing the water and cell, the water sprayer she'd been holding she dropped in the tub and it sprayed water all over the bathroom. (We had 1 inch of standing water in one of the corners.)

With my hip/butt being what it is (read previous posts), just leaning over the tub was killing me. I called Mr. Bean and requested his presence.

String Bean came out of the bath and I wrapped her up and put a onesie on her. We laid down together and she puked all over me and her before I was able to spring into action. My springing is not very springy these days.

Mr. Bean arrived home at 3:15 in time for puke #3 and bath #2. Being the smart mom I am, I blowed String Bean's hair dry and put pony tails on top of her head to avoid having to do another bath if she threw up again. I also insisted we put zip up or button up shirts on the little one so we didn't have to pull anything puke-y over her head.

Little did I know she had much, much more puke in her system.

By the time we took her to the ER around 10 pm, she had puked 17 times in 7 hours. She puked in the parking lot of the ER and again in the waiting room before she was seen.

Almost immediately after being taken back, the nurse administered Zofran orally. Miracle of miracles, the puking stopped immediately. Upon being able to keep down 4 oz of water for over an hour, they released us to go home. (Thereby skirting the blood and urine draws!)

Upon arriving home near 1 am, String Bean asked for her teeth to be brushed and for 3 books in bed with her. She got up once in the night because she was thirsty. (Can you blame her?) And this morning she is enjoying "apple juice" which is really watered down Gatorade.

Armed with our prescription for more Zofran, we are ready to face the day and I am looking forward to physical therapy more than you can imagine!


Caryn said...

Glad she is doing better and I hope she has turned the corner. Hope your PT helps and you don't end up with the virus as well!

Whitney Lane said...

Poor thing!! So glad she's feeling better. Throwing up has to be the WORST feeling in the world.

Christy said...

I can't believe such a little girl can have so much puke!! I remember how pitiful they are when they're that little and can't control it. I also remember how tiring it is for the mommy! I pray for all to be well asap.