Friday, March 5, 2010

At the Hospital

Well, I did not survive much longer past Mr. Bean. Unfortunately, being 7 months pregnant sure adds to the stress of the stomach flu on the body.

I woke up at 3 am on Thursday morning with the stomach flu. I was enjoying some quality time with the toilet in the bathroom until I realized that I was "leaking" out of both ends and perhaps I should enjoy more quality time with a bowl while sitting on the toilet instead.

It didn't take long for me to be vomiting bile, and by 7 am, I was ready to call the OB and find out if there were some meds I should be taking to reduce the nausea and hopefully vomiting. Wouldn't it figure that my OB is on vacation right now? Around 8 am, his nurse told me just to "wait it out" and after 48 hours I should be "just fine."

By noon, I was miserable. I had stopped throwing up around 10:30 am, but I kept hopping out of bed sure I would be vomiting at any moment. The nausea and heartburn I was experiencing were horrible. At 1 pm, Mr. Bean and I decided going to the ER would probably be the best thing I could do to alleviate the pain.

Upon arrival at the ER, I was immediately taken up to labor and delivery so I could be monitored. I was asked for a urine sample. When the results came back, I went right onto IV fluids. I was mercifully given Zofran for the nausea which is a miracle drug.

3 liters of fluids later, I gave another urine sample and still was spilling keytones in my urine (which is indicitive of muscular tissue breaking down - not a desirable outcome) so I was admitted.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Bean called to let me know that String Bean threw up again at home. This poor kid just can't lick this bug.

When I woke up this morning, I continued to have severe diarrhea, so some additional labs were taken which we are waiting for the results of. Mr. Bean is working on a project for work and String Bean is asleep on the couch in my room.

According to the appearance of my urine, I am still very dehydrated despite having gotten 5 liters of fluid in my IV. We wait to see if I'll be enjoying another night at the hospital.

To make matters more comical, I'm having a lot of difficulty walking around. Imagine having diarrhea, having to carry and IV stand around with you and barely being able to walk. What a sight!

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