Monday, January 18, 2010

A Long, Long Road

If you have been watching the Haiti news, you can see that there is a long, long road ahead of the Hatian people until they are able to rebuild their homes and their lives. In addition to the immediate needs and the obvious needs of housing and government infrastructure, there are unseen emotional needs that need to be dealt with.

As you consider your part, I'd like to point you to a few blogs of college friends of mine who are missionaries living in Haiti. They managed to escape from any obvious trauma from the earthquake, but are feeling the effects of the situation with limited supplies. One of these friends have adopted (or are in the process of adopting) Hatian children and are still in contact with the birth parents whose homes and lives have suffered some damage.

Please take a few minutes and check out what the McCormicks and Ebenhacks are doing together for the people of Haiti. You can still donate to Samaritan's Purse through our link to the left. Thank you for all who have supported the Hatian people in whatever way and through whatever channel you have been able.

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