Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Conversation Hearts

One candy I look forward to every year is the conversation hearts. Specifically, the Necco brand conversation hearts.

I was thrilled when I went grocery shopping today and they were on the shelf and on sale! I bought 3 packages.

I am not sure if they changed the flavoring this year or not, but I am not digging them as much this year. The purple ones are great. There are no white ones (which were peppermint-y). The rest taste like fruity flavors (orange is orangey, yellow is lemony, etc.). The pink ones taste like strawberry flavored chap stick. I do not care for them at all.

I think I'll just eat all the purple ones and move on. Any ideas on what went wrong? The Necco web site says the recipe has not changed!

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Anonymous said...

I e-mailed Necco to express my disappointment in how they changed the flavors this year and they confirmed they have been changed (no more white, banana is now lemon, lime is now green apple and the other flavors changed as well). Go to http://www.necco.com/ContactUs/Default.asp to let them know you are not happy with the changes either. Maybe if enough people complain they will bring back the original flavors!