Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is Nuts

Well, String Bean's allergy is nuts that is. We found out last night that she's likely allergic to pecans.

During our live Fantasy Football draft, String Bean got a hold of a brownie that a friend brought over. I was eating one, too, when I discovered there was a nut in it.

--interruption to story to give some background--
Back in May we were on vacation and String Bean ate something with a (non-Peanut) nut in it, choked and puked a quarter size puke into my hand. We figured it was choking and didn't think much of it.

She loves peanut butter granola bars.
--back to scheduled programming--

I leaned over to Mr. Bean and said, "There are nuts in this we should watch to make sure she does not choke." About a minute later, sure enough, she started making the choking face. We watched and waited. She sat on my lap and proceeded to puke. A LOT. Everything that was in her stomach.

Once the puking stopped, the crying began. Her hands were full of it (as well as my pants and socks) and she began to rub her face. We threw her in the bathtub and when we got her out everywhere the puke had been was red and blotchy. Pretty quickly we could tell they were hives.

Luckily, she did not start coughing and going into full anaphylactic shock. It stopped at the hives. We went to the allergist this morning. Besides stating the obvious that String Bean was fully recovered from the incident, he suggested we come back in a month to do testing for nuts. Because we had given her Benadryl, they couldn't do the testing for a week and the doctor is going on vacation.

Expect an update on how serious the allergy is in about a month.

It is a little ironic that String Bean is allergic to nuts since her BFF is Cashew.

P.S. Mr. Bean asked me if I was going to blog about String Bean's nuts to which I gave him a confused look and then started laughing. It was at that moment he realized how odd his question was.


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Amy said...

If we have another kid, remind me not to name it Pecan.