Monday, August 10, 2009

Irons in the Fire

Ever feel like you have too many irons in the fire? That pretty much describes the last couple weeks for me. Nothing much is going on, but too much of everything is going on.

Mr. Bean has been on vacation. We've been moving things from one storage area to another and going through and consolidating all of it. I've been putting in many more hours at work than I'm supposed to in a given week trying to get ready for the school year. Plus there are several family and extended family things going on (nothing negative). Sprinkle in a few vacations and it has been crazy.

Here is hoping the craziness settles down a bit. I believe that begins with Mr. Bean going back to work in the morning!

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Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

I totally understand! Is it December 18th yet? That's when Hubby is finished with his internship and his graduate degree! Woohoo!!!!! BIG PAR-TAY!!! With it being an unpaid internship, he is also working part-time, I am trying to pick up extra customers, plus help watch my nieces until they go back to school, plus I have a very good friend with cancer that I need to go spend time. (Need, as in want to.)

Will the craziness end????