Monday, August 24, 2009

Customer Service is Dead

Our T-Mobile bill arrived today. Boy was I (insert sarcasm here) thrilled when I read the customer alert that said, "Starting September 1, 2009, it will cost you $1.50 to receive paper statements." Nothing compares to a two week notice!

I get the whole "go green" concept, but I also like to pay my bills on time. I have a system for my paper statements. They go in a pile and I pay them all at once. I'm just not seeing myself doing as great of a job with a non-paper system, so this really put a bee in my bonnet.

I was completely (insert sarcasm here) overjoyed when I logged onto the T-Mobile site (which took some work, let me tell you) and found my other billing option: Detailed billing statment $1.99 per month. Starting September 1, 2009 this option will be $3.49 per month.

Way to go, T-Mobile. (insert sarcasm here) You're really making life easier for all your customers!

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