Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Animal Lovers Unite on Craigslist

My sister had a run-in with a vet. Basically, she took a friend's cat in for a gum cleaning and now the cat is barely alive. When confronting the vet, she got yelled and screamed at and "banned for life" from the vet's office. Ironically, she does not even own a pet, so this is a real tragedy for her. *Note sarcasm. (For the whole story, look here but note the video referenced has been taken down.)

If you follow the chatter on the Craigslist Humboldt Pet section, you'll see that there is a boycott/protest planned for later this week.

After a quick googling of the vet's name, I found that he was just put on probation for neglecting an animal in his care. Sounds like someone might be losing their license soon.

If you live in northern California and want to get involved, check out the Craigslist postings for details on when and where.

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