Monday, July 27, 2009

R.I.P. Walter Payton

It is with great sadness that I report to you the passing of Walter Payton the chinchilla. A funeral service and interment will be held at the home of a family friend tonight around 8 pm. Walter was a good chinchilla. He only chewed up a few of our things. String Bean loved feeding him. Mr. Bean loved caring for him. He will be missed.

Walter Payton April 2006 to July 27, 2009

Ironically, like his namesake, Walter died at a very young age for a chinchilla.


Whitney said...

Oh Walter! That is such sad news! We will always have fond memories of him and his dust baths. So sorry, you guys. See you on Saturday.

Amy said...

Walnut's really gonna miss that little guy. :(

Filbert said...

I don't think I told Amy this but yesterday when myself, Walnut, and Peanut were at the pet store, Walnut wanted to go by the rodent section so we could buy a new chinchilla for you guys. I told him you may not be ready for a new one and I have no idea what they cost. No matter, as the PetCo near us doesn't carry chinchillas.